Let’s Learn from Narendra Modi !

Why do we speak in English with Fellow Indians.

First of all I must confess that I can not type Hindi (Like Millions of Hindi speakers in India) and I feel ashamed to write this post in English any way I assure you that soon I will learn to type Hindi because time has now come that English will get its right place.
All my acquaintances know that I do not speak in English with an Indian unless he does not understand Hindi or Bengali.

English has been very cunningly & forcibly imposed on us by Britishers. All of us know this fact, so why are we unable to do away with this funny and difficult language at least in our conversation.

 If spoken English is  simpler than Indian languages, we can consider to accept it. But it is a very difficult language having more exception than rules. Rules and usage are phonetically quite complicated. In Hindi there are 55 alphabets but poor English has to manage all the sounds with only 26 letters. One has to practically learn and remember sound and spelling of each and every word. But in Hindi it is simple. You pronounce as you write and writing also has no tricks like English, no silent letters etc.I don’t see why we should converse in English, may be some  think it is a superior language and want to show others that they are superior class of people.

Let all the sensible Indians make a pledge that we shall converse between us in Hindi or other Indian languages. All of our languages are much richer and expressive than English. We should give up our tendency to use English when we go to airport and fly, when we go to a posh restaurant and talk to waiters or when we speak to a telephone operator or tele-callers.

We must bring about change and break away with a language which reminds us of our slavery. WE CAN – WE WILL DO IT