The history of the world, which is taught to us in schools and colleges, is entirely false and fabricated. I am not talking about minor misinformation. I am talking about massive and grave lies, fabrications and evasions which have destroyed self-esteem and values in human life

History Researcher
Dinesh Rawat has travelled to 60 countries to uncover the histories of civilizations.

We have learnt that we were uncivilized, and after the journey of millions of years, we have now become civilized. Darwinian theory of evolution has stuffed in our minds that we have evolved from a single cell amoeba. We were fungi, worms, reptiles, animals, monkeys, apes, caveman, and in millions of years we have come up to the present stage. But the truth is another way around. We were highly civilized and developed technologically, and now we are becoming more and more uncivilized. The Darwinian theory takes away the sense of dignity from men, and they are made to believe that apes and monkeys are their forefathers. These have undermined man’s moral standards.

human evolution

About the languages, Eurocentric linguists have created a theory that Sanskrit is a branch of the Indo-European language. In contrast, the truth is Sanskrit is the mother of all languages, and all European and other languages have their roots in Sanskrit.

They have invented a theory of the Aryan Invasion, which says that north Indians are Aryans who have migrated to India from the west and south-central Asia. The truth is Aryans and Dravidians are originals, and they never came to India from anywhere, on the other hand, they migrated from India to the West and East.

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