It’s Time for you to know the reasons for the falsification of history.

History is important. It does not only speak of past but it makes foundation for our future.

It is a matter of real disbelief that billions of people in this world have known the false and fabricated history for at least two centuries. True history of human civilization and source of all the cultures in the world has been concealed and put behind a thick curtain. Whatever history is being taught all over the world is false and based on false premise.

The question on true history of civilization arose in my mind about 28 years back, I had joined Brahma Kumaris to learn meditation and spiritual wisdom. The foundation of their knowledge is that we humans were highly civilized 5000 years back and now we are uncivilized. I found this philosophy difficult to accept. Like many, I was also taught that man and his civilization has evolved through millions of years, we have developed from apes, monkeys and animal like living to our present so called advanced society.

Since then I started examining their theory vis-a-vis the theory of evolution of world culture and civilization. In my search for truth I studied hundreds of books, articles and blogs. I met several historians and visited several historical sites in India and abroad. More deeper I went, I was getting more and more astounding results… and still a long way to go!

I would like to share thousands of stories  with you which will give you startling facts. I really don’t understand where to begin and what should be the sequence. So it is best that I share in small bits as and when it comes to my mind.

An average Indian thinks that “India is a great nation which has given religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism to the world. India has given Mathematics, Astronomy etc. etc. Indians are holding key positions in the world… these are just tip of the ice berg. Contribution of India in the culture and civilization of the world is not known more than five percent. Take a small example that  Christianity is the largest religion in the world, Jesus Christ is the most revered and popular character in the world, but it is not known to many that Jesus did all his education in India between 13 to 29 years of age. He preached only for three years in west. After crucifixion he did not die and came back to India. He died in Kashmir at the age of 120. His tomb is there at Sri Nagar, Khanyar, Rozabal area.

Abraham went to west from India, Moses is buried in Kashmir. All the world religions and cultures have their roots in Vedic culture which is practiced in India till to-day. Sanskrit is Mother of all languages in the world. It is purely a Vedic language and it is wrongly publicized that it is an Indo-European language.

Rediscovering the true history is a big task and it is not at all possible for an individual like me to do justice. An all out effort is required from all sensible citizens and Government in particular.

I have written a letter to this effect to our beloved Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi and also to Smt Smriti Z. Irani, the minister for Human Resource Development. I am confident that this nationalist Government will give due importance to this matter.

I seek your support in this National mission in whatever manner you can. Let’s make it a Movement and share it through Facebook and Twitter. Ensure that you circulate it wherever you CAN.

I shall be glad to share more with you and look forward to your support. Please let me know about your support which will ignite more fire within me.