Sanskrit is the mother of all languages in the world. Some devilish people had a massive conspiracy plan with the history of civilisations, and they adopted many false theories to make the world believe that it is not the oldest language but a branch of a language called “Indo-European Language”.

One of the most significant manipulation in the human history of anthropology and philology is the introduction of Proto Indo European language. A language which has no evidence of its survival at any time at any region of the world. Those who have created this “non-existed” language are silent about who spoke this language and the geographical area. In the late 18th and 19th centuries, Europeans were emerging as powerful countries and were colonizing most of the world. They had colonized India too. It was hurting their ego that the colonized India has much-elevated backgrounds in the field of civilization, science, arts, literature, culture, education and knowledge. They started making efforts in all areas to belittle everything that was Indian. Sanskrit was a significant stumbling block as all the languages in the world carried its roots, and this is the conclusive proof that Indian or Vedic Civilization is the cradle of all the civilizations in the world. Therefore it became essential for them to downrate the status of Sanskrit from motherhood to a sisterhood language at putting it par with Latin, Greek, Arabic, Persian etc.

As per Manu Smriti, the ambitious Chatriyas  (छत्रीय) of Bharatvarsh went abroad to the neighboring locations to establish their new kingdoms. As they were away from the mainstream of the mother  civilization and culture, they developed their subsidiary language and civilization as time went on. Natural calamities, such as ice ages, floods and earthquakes, totally shattered their civilizations. However, still the survivors, in the spoken form of their primitive languages, held many apbhransh (अपभ्रंश) words of the original Sanskrit language which their remote ancestors had retained in their memory. As a result of this affiliation with Bhartiya culture and the Sanskrit language, Sanskrit became the origin of the growth of the literary development in other languages of the world

The perfect form of the Sanskrit language had existed thousands of years before the infancy of the earliest prime languages of the world like Greek, Hebrew and Latin etc.

Sanskrit is the first script and mother of all languages in the world. We can find the roots of  Sanskrit in all the languages of the world. Theory of some lost Indo-European language is a myth and false propaganda by western philologists, linguists and historians to shroud the grandeur of Indian civilisation.