For over 175 years, the world has been given an impression that humanity has evolved from single-cell amoeba and our ancestors were carnivorous apes who used to wander in jungles and used to communicate in the language as most animals did.
At our tender school age, we accept what is being taught thinking that their revered teachers are teaching from books which have been written by learned authors holding high degrees, and whatever is there in the book has been researched by eminent and famous scientists and researchers.
Even when we grow up we are so credulous that we easily believe what the scientists say. We never bother to think motive and game plan behind those theories. We never know under whose instructions they worked and who funded them and for what objective?

Rarely anyone will bother to apply his mind without any prejudice and colour. It was 25 years back that Dinesh Rawat started to research the authenticity of the knowledge of history we have. During his long period of research, he studied hundreds of books, met historians and visited historical destinations all over the world. Results are shocking as well as laughable.
Based on his profound research he has dedicated himself to write the book “GLORIES OF INDIA” a book which will logically tell you how and why history has been tempered from time to time by various leaders, rulers, communities, religious gurus, authors and historians