Out of the History of 5000 years, India remained the wealthiest and most advanced Nation for 4800 years.

India’s civilization has given a lot to the world civilizations since the beginning, but it was not so with India when India is on receiving hand. Many foreign plunderers and attackers have been attacking from all directions back as far as 700 BC, (even now countries like China want to invade on Indian Territory). Despite many types of onslaught and exploitation, India remained the most cultured, wealthy and advanced nation till the beginning of 19th Century.

Unfortunately, Indians are in the dark about their splendid past. I was very keen to write a book “Glories of India” in 2014 but due to personal reasons, I could not. Now, when I am ready, I find that authoring a book can be inappropriate at present. These days as social media has become quite relevant and compelling, so it is better to inform people in smaller bits rather than writing a book. However, I wrote to our newly sworn-in Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi in 2014, hoping that his Government would take some positive steps. After six years, I have realised that these things do not necessarily fall into their schemes of things to do. Ordinary people will have to share and spread the truth.

Britishers who were plundering India through East India Company in the 17th and 18th centuries wanted to have more and decided to colonise India so that they can have complete resources of India and enrich Britain. For this, they needed to establish their superiority over Indians in all respect. It was a daunting task, like trying to cover the glorious Sun with clouds. Following is a summary of their actions

British Rule in India
  • A rich value-based education system,  which consisted of Gurukuls and Pathsalas and personalised teachings, was demolished.
  • Sanskrit & Arabic are replaced with English and Persia as the official language.
  • All regional vernacular dialects are neglected and disregarded.
  • Great ancient scriptures are labelled as ‘Mythology.’
  • Scriptures are translated with wrong interpretations to defame them.
  • Level of Sanskrit is lowered by classifying it as a branch of “Indo-European “ language and placed at par with other European languages.
  • A Theory of Aryan Invasion into India fabricated to confuse everyone. The idea was to develop a hostility between North Indians and South Indians and to project that Indians are not natural sons of the soil.
  • Great ancient Hindu monuments like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Lal Qila, Kutub Minar, Fatehpur Sikri, Imam Bara of Lucknow are mischievously labelled as construction by Muslims.
  •  These places are promoted as important tourist places with “Splendid Persian & Islamic Architecture.”
  • Temples with exquisite architecture, statues, art and galore in South India are not promoted.
  • People are allured and forced to convert into Christianity to have their long term patronage towards British.
  • Talented boys are sent to England for studies with an idea to infuse western values in them and to use them as spreaders in India.
  • Fabrication of Big Bang theory on the creation of Universe
  • Creation of Darwinian theory of Organic Evolution to establish that present-day human has evolved from animals, monkeys and apes
  • The History that people follow not only in India, but the entire world for centuries, is based on the work of “so-called” historian who invented the theory of Aryan Invention and glorifying western civilisation disproportionately.
  • Army Officers and Civil Servants of the British Empire were made to write Indian History!.
british rule in india hindi
1824Major General John MalcolmA Memoir of the Central
1826Captain Grant DuffHistory of the Marathas
1829General BriggsHistory of the Rise of Mohammedan Power in India
1829-32Lt. Colonel James ToddAnnals and Antiquities of Rajasthan
1841Mountstuart  ElphinstoneHistory of India
1849Joseph CunninghamHistory of the Sikhs
1851Lt. R.F. BurtonHistory of Sindh

Above is a part of research under the project “Glories of India” by Dinesh Rawat to discover the true History of India and the world. civilizations.http://dineshrawat.in/