I dedicate this website to Rev. BK Jagdish Chander Hasija. He is my source of inspiration, he is the one who ignited the fire in me to investigate the false history of civilizations had been associated with Bramhakumaris and spent his life in extensive research to discover anomalies in the world civilizations and scriptures’ history. He had served as Principal in a Technical Training Institute in Sonipat for a brief period.

B K Dinesh Rawat


We acknowledge appreciation and gratitude to Sri Pursottam Nageswar Oak. His profound work on the research of the real history of India is invaluable. His work made Smt Indira Gandhi uncomfortable. She gave an order to the publisher to remove his books off the shelf. He was associated with the Azad Hind Army of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.


We record sincere gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Fida Hassnain, Author of about two dozens of books on history, culture, and mysticism. He has received several degrees and awards foam various universities and institutions. I spent two days with him at Srinagar in 2012 and got highly impressed with his minute study on Jesus Christ. His house is just 5 km from Jesus’ tomb.