Our Beloved & Respected Sri Narendra Bhai Modi Ji:
Million times Greetings and Congratulations. “IT IS ONLY AN ACT OF GOD THAT INDIA’S HISTORY HAS SELECTED YOU AS A ERA CHANGER YUG PURUSH”.For the last 2000 years history of India has been suffering, and for the last 900 years, things have been even worse. Foreign invaders, rulers and governments made the history totally helpless and brought it to a very pathetic condition. Now that a nationalist Government has come to power, THE HISTORY OF INDIA, which is in a state of agony must get proper justice.
Your determination to bring India to the peak of the world both economically, socially and spiritually is well-known to all. Everyone is confident of you and your team, every Indian is with you. Even those who criticize or criticized you have full confidence in your abilities.
I am one of those who is looking forward to an opportunity to dedicate myself in the service of my mother – Mother India, without any self-interest, without any desire for name, fame power and money.
For the last 25 years I have been studying and researching the history of India, history of civilization and history of the world, have been interviewing several historians and visiting historical places. Findings are just shocking. Even hard-core Indians are not aware of past Glories of India. 2500 years back, the entire world was following Vedic culture and Sanskrit was the mother of all languages in the world. But the history has been so fabricated that it has reduced esteem of Vedic culture and Sanskrit and placed it at par with other cultures, religions and languages. To-day whatever historians, anthropologists and researchers make us believe are untruth or half-truth. A simple fact will emphasize my point that all the modern religions of the world came in existence about 2500 years back whereas Takshshila University existed here 2700 years back and every year 10000 students and scholars passed out from Takshila University.
To scripture, my findings, a book of at least 1000 pages has to be written. Since I am working alone as I could not find anyone to support me, it would take me 2-3 years to complete the book. Even after my book is published it would not make much change. However to complete my book I took total retirement from all my business and environmental activities and dedicated myself in compiling this book. I shifted myself from Kolkata to Mount Abu in March 2014 and living in isolation to complete this book.
Now that a Nationalist Government has come in complete power, this matter must be taken up in true perspective at a big level. All the scandalous and notorious work of the last 900 years, by foreign invaders and rulers, must be scrutinized by open-minded historians and a genuine archaeological survey must be carried out to unearth the real truth.
Truth and true history must be brought to the world, education system and syllabus must be changed and all archaeological places should reveal true history. This would not only make every Indian glorious but these revelations will foster unity, understanding and peace in the world.
In the next page, I would like to touch on some facts which will give you a glimpse of what has happened which has made India lose its esteem.
Sir, I shall very much appreciate if you can give me time to talk to you. I am even willing to offer myself full-time without any consideration but to serve our Nation.
Thanking you and looking forward to an early response from your good self.
Sincerely yours

Dinesh Rawat

  • Sanskrit is the mother of all languages in the world. There is enough proof in all languages. It was organized efforts of British in 18th, 19thand 20th century under which this language has become almost nonexistent and has been deprived of its rightful place in Linguistics.
  • Vedic civilization is the mother of all civilization and cultures of the world.  The links between the Vedic and other ancient cultures, such as the Sumerians, Persians, Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, etc.are visible clearly. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism were all influenced by the Vedic tradition and still contain many Vedic elements within them.
  • Abraham, who is considered to be the patriarch of three major religions (Judaism, Christianity & Islam) was from India. He went to west about 3800 years back. His name is based on Brahma and his half-sister & wife Sara’s name is based on Saraswati
  • Jesus came to India at the age of 13 and lived here for 16 years. During his stay, he travelled all over India and acquired knowledge of Vedas, Yoga, and Buddhism etc. Further, he did not die after the crucifixion, he came back to India and lived in Kashmir till the age of 120. There are thousands of speaking evidence for this. Even his tomb is existing in Kashmir’s capital Srinagar at an area called Khanyar, Roza-Bal.
  • Moses’ tomb is also present at Bandipur near Sri Nagar. Even Jesus’ mother Mariam’ tomb is at a place nearby called Mari (presently in Pakistan)
  • History and theory of Aryan invasion in India are totally false and baseless. Chasing away Dravidians to Southern part of India by Aryans is a plot by English rulers to demean confidence of Indians and to make it a point that invasion by Mughals and Christians is just a perpetuation of invading this land. Max Muller proposed this theory.
  • All the theories of human evolution and civilization recognized in the world are false and wild imagination only. We have been taught that to-days humans have evolved in millions of years from a single cell amoeba and that we were monkeys, apes who lived in jungles. The truth is that humans were highly civilized and to-day they have become uncivilized! There are thousands of proofs to substantiate this.
  • All historical monuments which are credited to Muslims are in fact belonged to Hindu Kings and were constructed centuries before they were acquired by Mughal rulers. Lord Cunningham fabricated false histories behind them. Mughal rulers damaged and defaced most of Hindu symbols and traces, but even now enough proof is available which brings out the truth.
  • All over the world, people know that TajMahal is an example of the great architecture of Mughals and it was built by Shah Jahan as a tribute to his wife MumtajMahal. The truth is this, that the magnificent structure was built by Raja Paramadi Dev in 1155 as a Shiv Temple and its name was Tajo Mahalyo. Shah Jahan acquired it from Jai Singh, the king of Jaipur and used it to shift corpse of his dead wife whose real name was Arjumand Begum.
  • Similarly, LalQila of Delhi was also not constructed by shah Jahan, Kutubminar was not built by Kutubuddin and Firoz Shah Tughlak. It was constructed 300 years before Kutubuddin. It was called DhruvStambh and used as an astronomical observatory. There was a massive Vishnu Temple which was destroyed by Mughar rulers.
  • Indian Archeology is full of these type of incidents.  The monuments at Delhi, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Allahabad, Ahmedabad and in Naini other prominent cities were built by Indians who constructed the Madurai Temple, Rameshwaram, Konark, Khajuraho, Ajanta, Ellora, Dilwara Temple and mighty forts at Ranthanbhor, Ambar, Udaipur and Jaipur itself.
  • Millions are singing “Jan-gan-man” as national anthem not knowing the truth and history behind this.
  • There are millions of small and big rectifications and justifications which need to be addressed and brought into the light. Previous Governments did not touch on these long pending matters for protecting their vote bank and avoid complications, which was undesirable for them.