Dinesh Rawat – taking forward the project “Glories of India.”

When Dinesh learnt that Jesus Christ lived in India for 17 years for his studies on Vedas, Yoga, Jainism, Buddhism, he could not believe this. His desire to go deeper and explore the truth is a significant incident in his quest to study real history.

It was in 1988, after joining Brahma Kumaris movement, he received an input that history of civilization is merely 5000 years. His intellect was not in a position to accept this theory, and he decided to explore its validity. To-day, after 30 years of vigorous research, he has come out with unbelievable and shocking facts about the history of India and civilization. 

In the process of his investigation, he studied hundreds of books, research papers, and articles. Altogether more than 15000 pages. He travelled to over 60 countries and observed small or large traces and signs of Vedic culture all over. Met several historians, researchers and archaeologists, visited several historical places, monuments, palaces and forts. He could see that the history of civilizations, as we know, is a gross fabrication, devoid of truth, based on fanciful thoughts and concealments.

Foundation of learning of Budha, Mahavir, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohamed was India and the Vedic system. Takshashila University was in existence 2700 years back, much before the emergence of any of the religions. Over 10000 students graduated every year from all parts of India and abroad, including Iraq (Babylonia), Greece, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Arabia, and China.  

Dinesh’s exploration got momentum after he came to know that Jesus lived in India for 17 years and did his education in various parts of India. Further, he survived the crucifixion and came back to India to live up to old age.  He was intrigued as to why this 2000-year-old event had no mention anywhere in history.

He studied that Aryan Invasion Theory is a big made-up story. This theory is to make it appear that Indian culture and philosophy was dependent on the previous developments in Europe, thereby justifying the need for colonial rule and Christian expansion in India. So, in essence, the British used the theory of the Aryan Invasion to further their “divide and conquer” policy. 

There are hundreds of shrouded facts like Taj Mahal was not built by Shah Jahan, Kutub Minar was a Hindu structure used as an astronomical observatory.