…to take up his next mission“Glories of India”
Today issues of global warming and climate change have emerged as the most challenging and deadly threat to our planet. This situation is so alarming that not only animals but even human beings can become extinct. Various urgent efforts are being made throughout the world only now to combat global warming and climate change. But a visionary in Dinesh Rawat saw – what is coming up as consequences of global warming thirteen years back. Though he was lone man, armed with his tenacity and determination, he decided to take positive steps and to become a part of the solution rather than a mute spectator..
When rural India was began changing from farmland into city-life, Dinesh Rawat moved from the city of Kolkata to a village called Samukpota in the year 2001 and started living in harmony with nature. His mission was to inspire everyone to realise and respect nature and to lead a value based life.
Many scientists, researchers, and organisations are analysing reasons and consequences of global warming. Countless discussions & summits are taking place at highest levels. An abundance of films and documentaries are made, and many lectures are delivered at various levels at various platforms. Dinesh Rawat felt that all these responses to climate change are of no use unless positive steps are taken at ground zero. Our so called intelligent civilization has almost come to the point of no return. Knowing very well “what is desirable” we are moving towards “undesirables”. We are getting more and more urbanized with multi-storied buildings that use more and more energy to sustain themselves. We are making wider roads and rolling new automobiles knowing very well about dangers of CO2 emission. We are doing further industrialisation in the name of consumerism. We are doing deforestation every day and creating bigger airports and bigger aircrafts, more power plants and creating more and more garbage every day. Don’t we know that we are moving towards destruction in the name of development? Dinesh Rawat saw all this and wondered why people can’t see what’s coming…
Dinesh Rawat’s philosophy was this. According to him root cause of our problem is a lack of spiritual knowledge which has made men materialistic and they are indulged into consumerism. Everyone now believes that success means more money and more buying power!
In his late forties, Rawat decided to dedicate his life to a meaningful cause and gave up the lucrative business of international trading. One by one he closed his business in Singapore, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and a Government of India recognised Export House in Kolkata. He started a Brahmakumaris Spiritual Center to spread spiritual knowledge free, which has inspired many to lead a value based spiritual life.

Since then he has been moving forward alone, practicing spiritualism and inspiring people to live in harmony with nature. He has received no support from any individual, organisation or Government. On the other hand he extended his hands to Indian Botanical Survey and made an MOU in the year 2006 to rejuvenate their Palm collection. Indian Botanical Garden Howrah was in a bad shape, but he introduced many palms to this garden and also organised to pollinate Lodoicea maldivica, a valuable and lone 125 years old palm in India. As of today, the palm is now bearing seeds!
Since he is born and brought up in Kolkata, he desired to see Kolkata as the most beautiful green city and to be a role model for other cities of India. He did an indepth study on urban forestry and submitted an extensive proposal to the Mayor of Kolkata in 2007.

He surveyed and discovered that the people of Bengal are nature lovers and love to keep their surroundings green, but due to non-availability of suitable plants, gardening items, and technical help they don’t have the tools needed to help foster and care for the nature around them. Dinesh, therefore, decided to use up all his resources and create a Green Mall in the year 2007. This unique concept provides everything for gardening, landscaping, and forestry, and it is available in one campus. A rare collection of 2500 varieties of plants including 250 types of palms make this mall the largest in India.
He authored a user friendly book “Palms for India” in the year 2008, a very simple hand book which benefited many nurseries and landscapers across India.
In 2008, He submitted a plan to the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh under the style of “Let’s Make India Green”. Had this plan been adopted, today rural India would have be very prosperous.
For the first time in the world, two albums of highly inspiring songs on Global Warming and Nature worship were produced in the year 2010 by the title “Prakriti Ki Pukar” & “Prakriti Vandana”. It has been distributed free across India.

In 2011 he created a non-profit organisation Prakriti Bandhu, a forum on internet where people swear to live in harmony with nature and to inspire others to do so. Thousands became members and are receiving regular newsletters.

To help common people to go green, a hand book was authored by him in 2012. The book “Green Your Surroundings” provides all the necessary information to city dwellers by which they can make and maintain their home gardens with ease.
In 2013 he launched a programme “Grow Trees” under which one million trees were planted in the villages of South 24 Paraganas.
He also created a plan of a Horticulture Hub near Kolkata and submitted to the Government of West Bengal. This plan can bring economic prosperity to entire West Bengal.
After changing directions of his life, after sacrificing his luxurious life style and lucrative business, he came across many hardships and hurdles, but he continued his journey with help, on his mission to  “inspire people to lead a valued based life in harmony with nature”. He does not only talk about changing lifestyles for the betterment of the human race; he has become a role model for how to live a greener lifestyle in harmony with nature.
His philosophy is “All human beings are members of my family. My family is not confined to boundaries created by human beings.”
Rawat continues to grow, change, and pioneer new ways to inspire others to live a healthy, green lifestyle. He feels it’s now time to move on… beyond Kolkata, West Bengal and India. His next mission is writing a revolutionary and sensational book “Glories of India”, based on his research of 25 years  in the true history of India & Mankind. Let the world know about true history of human race!!