According to the Darwinian Theory of  Organic Evolution, the present-day human had his origin from a single cell amoeba and kept on acquiring higher forms. A man was once uncivilized, and in millions of years, have gradually become civilized.

darwin evoulation

I have a question, what was the need for the introduction of Charles Darvins hypothesis to take so seriously and to introduce the same into the education system all over the world. Has the opening of this theory education system has been beneficial in any manner, or it has confused the minds of people around the globe

 But the truth is human beings were highly civilized 5000 years back, and this civilization existed in India. And gradually, we have become extremely uncivilized. This theory puts a shroud on the glorious past of India. Indians are made to think that they are weak, helpless, a backward lot who can not progress without the help of developed countries.

Darwin theory

Darwinism is a theory of biological evolution developed by the English naturalist Charles Darwin in1859 and others, stating that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce.

Actually, by no means, it can be called a theory. It is a Hypothesis based on presumptions and assumptions

According to this theory, today’ human has evolved from animals, monkeys, apes and caveman. People interpret life in such a way, that takes away the sense of meaning in and value of man’s life. These theories’ have led many to believe that they are the result of a random collection of atoms and are playthings of Nature in a meaningless cosmos. They explain that man’s ancestors were algae and apes. These have undermined man’s moral standards. There has been an emphasis, in these ideas on man’s animal nature, and it has naturally led to man’s moral degeneration, resulting in loss of happiness. Without seeing any meaning in life, history and cosmos, man has lost all sense of direction and is drifting aimlessly like a rudderless ship the high seas.

Our present society is breaking up, and men and women are taking to such ways that cannot give constant happiness.

Ironically, Darwin’s theory was highly criticized and condemned by scores of contemporary scientists, geologists, anthropologists and evolutionists. Even Darvin himself accepted inaccuracy of the approach, but the world has embraced it, and all of us are living on a false foundation. There is a

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