Indian civilization is the most ancient and most advanced civilization. Indians remained the wealthiest and most accomplished nation for 4800 years in the continuous history of 5000 years. For the last 250 years, India’s glorious story started getting tarnished when Britishers started colonized India in the late 1700.

India was so wealthy that foreigners started invading India from the 7th century BC. First, the first known invader was Babylonian queen Semiramis, followed by Cyrus, founder of the Persian empire, Alexander the Great from Macedonia, Seleucus from Greece, Hunas from Central Asia, Mohd. Bin Qasim, Mahmud of Gazni, Mu’izz al-Din, Changez Khan, Babur, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Danish, and Britishers.

One can imagine how much effort and money must have been spent on those invading expedition. It involved the long passage of large armies numbering several thousand soldiers, food, cavalry, and artillery involving high costs. Indeed, the promised reward must have been worthwhile as the amount of booty was staggering for them to venture into such invasions.

Invaders did their best to plunder the wealth by looting and destroying thousands of rich temples. All efforts were made to destroy its culture and heritage, and millions were killed.

Despite so many perils and atrocities, for  4800 years, India managed to remain the wealthiest and most advanced nation. Indians ultimately lost the battle against British rulers, who were most cunning, ruthless, and cruel.


Even for the British, it was an enormous task, and it was like covering the sun with the clouds. However, they left no stone unturned and took all actions to achieve what could not be achieved in 4800 years. Their efforts can be summarised into seven categories.

1. Theory of Big Bang. This theory was invented by a Belgian Astronomer Georges Edward Lemaitre. It says that 138 crore years ago, there was nothing in the world, just a blank without time. A gaseous formation like a big balloon is created, the universe was compressed within this massive lump. The gas inside the mighty balloon creates outward pressure, resulting in the balloon’s bursting, and with those gaseous elements, the universe is created. Any person with some logical mind can understand that this is a hypothesis based on wild imagination without any evidence. But the British were too happy to embrace it as a theory because it would serve well against the claim of millions of years of existence of Sanatan Dharma.


2. Charles Darwin invented the Theory of Evolution in England. He published his hypothesis in his book “On the Origin of Species” in 1859. The essence of his hypothesis is that once upon a time, there were no living beings, and today’s human has evolved from the single-cell amoeba in millions of years. They passed through stages of the smallest form of creatures like insects, reptiles, animals, monkeys, apes to the present-day men. Britishers were too happy to embrace this theory as this would be an antidote of Hindu faith, which speaks of their highly elevated ancestry. Promptly newly fabricated theory of evolution was introduced in schools’ curricula, and later it became bottom line for making of histories.

3. Aryan Invasion Theory In the 1850s, Max Muller introduced a hypothesis that the Aryans are not original inhabitants of India; instead, they migrated from the west and central Asia into the north of India. The Dravidians were the original inhabitants, and they were chased down to the southern part of India by Invading Aryans. This false theory was highly convenient for British colonizers who were destroying Indian culture, education eco-system. They promptly started publicizing thesis and got historians to create history based on Aryan Invasion Theory and Darwinian Theory of Evolution. It was introduced into the curricula, and even now, it is patronized in our history books


4. Lowering of Status of the Sanskrit Language is the most authentic factor in establishing any civilization’s linage and age. When Max Muller was translating Rig Veda, he discovered that quite many Sanskrit words are similar to Latin, Greek, German, French & English. The apparent reason was that all the languages had their origin in Sanskrit.  But the British did not want to honor the right place to Sanskrit. They falsely invented “Indo-European Language” and published that all the languages, including Sanskrit, have branched out from the imaginary “Indo-European Language” without any trace of evidence in the world.


5. Conversion of Hindus to Christianity Billions of native Hindus was converted to Islam and Christianity. They became critics and opposers of Vedic Culture. Invaders like Muhammed Qasim, Aurangzeb, Tipu Sultan, Nizam of Hyderabad, and Sufi Saints played a vital role in converting to Islam. Christian missionaries following Vasco Da Gama from Portugal started converting Hindus as early as 1542. Since then, the process is going on even till the time of writing of this passage. British made hundreds of strategies for conversion. After the war for Independence in 1857, Lord Palmerston told the Archbishop of Canterbury, ‘The sooner Christianity is propagated to the maximum number of people in Bharat, the more beneficial it will be for our empire.’

2. Destroying Educational Eco System In 1835, Lord Macaulay landed in India, and he made strategies to destroy the prevailing Indian Education fabric in multiple ways. Macaulay wrote in his minute, “we must at present do our best to form a class of persons Indian in blood and color, and English in taste, opinions in morals and intellect,” Most ruthlessly entire education system was destroyed, Sanskrit & Arabic were banned. Army officers wrote books on Indian histories. False values were propagated, which made Indians dumbs, and the unfortunate situation has not changed even today.

  • Islamisation of Hindu Monuments Britishers knew the “divide and rule.” They thought of a naughty way to degrade Hindu culture, architecture, and grandeur by Islamising most Hindu architecture and monuments like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Red Fort, Kutub Minar Imambaras,  Fatehpur Sikri, to name a few out of hundreds. To achieve this, they created a new department, “Archaeological Survey of India,” in 1861. Lord Cunningham, who retired from the British Army, was reappointed as a Surveyor of this department. He made a list of all sites in India for five years. Then abruptly department was closed officially, but Cunnigham kept on working secretly. He changed records, tablets, and history about these establishments and temples, and in some places, domes were replaced. Again the department was reopened in 1871, and he ascribed all these architectures to Muslim rulers

Thanks to the robust culture, even after so many batterings, it has survived. No ancient culture has survived like Vedic culture. There is a record of 45 other civilizations that began later. They have all perished. It’s only Indian civilization surviving even now and again getting ready to be the world leader.