A versatile personality

Dinesh Rawat born in a middle-class trader’s family in Kolkata in 1954, he completed his academic degrees in B. Com and LLB from the University of Calcutta. He worked in blue-chip companies like Texmaco, Hindustan Development Corporation and Electro Steel Castings for thirteen years and in 1986 started his own, without any capital. Rose Upto a premier position in the export-import and international trading business in nineteen years. He held directorship of over twenty companies and membership of many Chambers of Commerce, Export Promotion Councils, and business fraternity groups.

During the business, he got the opportunity to travel to sixty countries. Along with business activity, he used his travels for two causes. One was to research on the real and unknown history of the world, and the other one was to research on palm trees and gather the latest landscaping concepts.

Although he was doing exceedingly well in business, his heart wanted to spend the life in something which would be a genuine contribution to humanity. He was concerned about global warming and climate change and decided to establish Green Mall in Kolkata to inspire people to go green and lead a life in harmony with Nature. He shited his abode from Kolkata to a village called Samukpota and contributed his might to the cause and help people to green their surroundings. He introduced to  India the use of coco-pith in pot plants, the technology of excavation and replanting of big trees and palms in the urban landscape. He authored books like “Palms for India “and “Green Your surroundings”.

With his expertise, he helped Indian Botanical Garden, Kolkata Corporation, Dakshineswar Kali Temple and various government environment departments. His articles are published in magazines and newspapers. For the first time in the world, he has produced two music albums on the environment- Prakriti Ki Pukar” & “Prakriti Vandana”. He has been awarded several national and international honours. He has been elected as the President of Indian Nurserymen Association (Eastern India)

He loves plants. Nature and environmental services are his passion, but he realises his higher responsibilities to the nation. During his research of thirty years, he observed that Indians are unaware of their glorious past, they are blind to the fact that India was the wealthiest nation in the world for 4800 years. India has been projected as an impoverished, poverty-stricken, backward country, with a mostly illiterate population. He is pained to see the cruel joke with the nation and its citizens’ dignity.

After the emergence of pandemic COVID 19, the world is not going to remain the same, India has a significant role to play in the universe. The world must understand the real worth of India. And the people of India must know the real history which has remained concealed from their mind for centuries.

Considering the importance and urgency, he has entrusted all business and environmental responsibility to his able children. He has embarked on a journey which would raise the self-esteem of all Indians.

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