GLORIES OF INDIA is a historical thriller composed of very lucid and simple language to help open-minded people get an opportunity to know the truth. Title of the book may sound a story related only to India, but in fact, it is a story of world civilization. The story began when there were no countries like to-day. There was only one continent with one language and one culture. It is pathetic that even to-day most civilized people are in the dark about the roots of their civilization. Many half-real, fabricated and distorted stories have been administered in history from time to time. In this process, we all are deprived of earning about the history of human civilization. Our minds have been cluttered with several theories of evolution which are just wild imaginations and fraudulent. This book tells about the compulsions and circumstances which impelled such distortion at various periods.

Dinesh Rawat, determined to discover the truth, he traversed in numerous labyrinths of beliefs, theories and contradictions for more than quarter of a century. He discovered that the simplest matter has been made so complicated that no one could get to the bottom line. Most perplexing question is as to why the people had to conceal the truth for last 2500 years? This book carries the essence of all discovery of truth so far remaining hidden to the mankind and also the manner and circumstances of these concealment.

No one has time and patience to go through the arguments and theories which will run in volumes. This book is being written in lucid manner illustrating the research findings and experiences gathered by the author. Object of this book is to make you a wiser person who has understood the truth.