Sanskrit – First Script and Mother of all Languages

Sanskrit is the first script and mother of all languages in the world. We can find roots of  Sanskrit in all the languages of the world. Theory of some lost Indo-European language is a myth and false propaganda.

Theory of Aryan invasion

Theory of Aryan invasion or migration from west to India is none but a white lie. This story was invented by the British Rulers in 19th Century to convey the message that even the Aryans were migrants to India just as Muslims and Christians .

Jesus Lived in India and Died in Kashmir at the Age of 120.

Jesus came to India when he was only thirteen, acquired knowledge of Vedas, Yoga, Buddhism and spiritualism. After a year he went to West. At the age of 18 he was crucified but he did not succumb and again he came back to India and died ultimately at the age of 120.


For most the people all round the world it’s a startling story that Jesus Christ lived in India. People can’t believe that he lived for 120 years and out of this he lived in India for over 100 years. It may be unbelievable for you but it is true and there are enough of evidence to prove this fact. Even church is not in a position to decline this fact so they do maintain a silence about it.

But for me this was not an amazing fact because it is quite obvious that during those “lost years” of Jesus where else he could have been? Where on the earth education and knowledge was available 2000 years back? Knowledge in all forms were available in India at that time. Vedic scriptures, 3500 old Harappan civilization, Yoga, Ayurveda etc. are just a few evidences. Takshshila University in North-Western part (now in Pakistan) existed 2700 years back. Standard of this university was so high that only one out of three aspirants could get admission. Every year 10000 students graduated from here. A faculty of 3000 teachers used to teach subjects like Spiritualism, Vedas, Philosophy, Astronomy, Astrology, Economics, Administration, Yoga and Ayurveda.

For me it was difficult to figure out as to why they had to hide the fact that Jesus lived in India? At that point of time no one had any rivalry against India or its original culture, so why there was a need to conceal the fact that Jesus lived in India? It was this quest which set me into a history exploration mode twenty five years back.


Tajmahal – A Hindu Temple built for Raja Paramardi Dev

Taj Mahal  was a  Shiva temple under Raja Paramardi Dev of Jaipur. Shah Jahan grabbed it from his grandson Raja Jai Singh. He plundered all precious diamonds and gold and used this great mansion as mausoleum.







The Tajmahal is Tejomahalay
A Hindu Temple

By P.N.Oak

Probably there is no one who has been duped at least once in a life time. But can the whole world can be duped? This may seem impossible. But in the matter of indian and world history the world can be duped in many respects for hundreds of years and still continues to be duped. The world famous Tajmahal is a glaring instance. For all the time, money and energy that people over the world spend in visiting the Tajmahal, they are dished out of concoction. Contrary to what visitors are made to believe the Tajmahal is not a Islamic mausoleum but an ancient Shiva Temple known as Tejo Mahalaya which the 5th generation moghul emperor ShahjahanShahjahan commandeered from the then Maharaja of Jaipur. The Tajmahal, should therefore, be viewed as a temple palace and not as a tomb. That makes a vast difference. You miss the details of its size, grandeur, majesty and beauty when you take it to be a mere tomb. When told that you are visiting a temple palace you wont fail to notice its annexes, ruined defensive walls, hillocks, moats, cascades, fountains, majestic garden, hundreds of rooms archaded verendahs, terraces, multi stored towers, secret sealed chambers, guest rooms, stables, the trident (Trishul) pinnacle on the dome and the sacred, esoteric Hindu letter “OM” carved on the exterior of the wall of the sanctum sanctorum now occupied by the centotaphs. For detailed proof of this breath taking discovery,you may read the well known historian Shri. P. N. Oak’s celebrated book titled ” Tajmahal : The True Story”. But let us place before you, for the time being an exhaustive summary of the massive evidence ranging over hundred points:

1.The term Tajmahal itself never occurs in any mogul court paper or chronicle even in Aurangzeb’s time. The attempt to explain it away as Taj-i-mahal is therefore, ridiculous.

2.The ending “Mahal”is never muslim because in none of the muslim countries around the world from Afghanistan to Algeria is there a building known as “Mahal”.

3.The unusual explanation of the term Tajmahal derives from Mumtaz Mahal, who is buried in it, is illogical in at least two respects viz., firstly her name was never Mumtaj Mahal but Mumtaz-ul-Zamani and secondly one cannot omit the first three letters “Mum” from a woman’s name to derive the remainder as the name of the building.

4.Since the lady’s name was Mumtaz (ending with ‘Z’) the name of the building derived from her should have been Taz Mahal, if at all, and not Taj (spelled with a ‘J’).

5.Several European visitors of Shahjahan’s time allude to the building as Taj-e-Mahal is almost the correct tradition, age old Sanskrit name Tej-o-Mahalaya, signifying a Shiva temple. Contrarily Shahjahan and Aurangzeb scrupulously avoid using the Sanskrit term and call it just a holy grave.

6.The tomb should be understood to signify NOT A BUILDING but only the grave or centotaph inside it. This would help people to realize that all dead muslim courtiers and royalty including Humayun, Akbar, Mumtaz, Etmad-ud-Daula and Safdarjang have been buried in capture Hindu mansions and temples.

7.Moreover, if the Taj is believed to be a burial place, how can the term Mahal, i.e., mansion apply to it?

8.Since the term Taj Mahal does not occur in mogul courts it is absurd to search for any mogul explanation for it. Both its components namely, ‘Taj’ and’ Mahal’ are of Sanskrit origin.


9.The term Taj Mahal is a corrupt form of the Sanskrit term Tejo Mahalay signifying a Shiva Temple. Agreshwar Mahadev i.e., The Lord of Agra was consecrated in it.

10.The tradition of removing the shoes before climbing the marble platform originates from pre Shahjahan times when the Taj was a Shiva Temple. Had the Taj originated as a tomb, shoes need not have to be removed because shoes are a necessity in a cemetery.

11.Visitors may notice that the base slab of the centotaph is the marble basement in plain white while its superstructure and the other three centotaphs on the two floors are covered with inlaid creeper designs. This indicates that the marble pedestal of the Shiva idol is still in place and Mumtaz’s centotaphs are fake.

12.The pitchers carved inside the upper border of the marble lattice plus those mounted on it number 108-a number sacred in Hindu Temple tradition.

13.There are persons who are connected with the repair and the maintainance of the Taj who have seen the ancient sacred Shiva Linga and other idols sealed in the thick walls and in chambers in the secret, sealed red stone stories below the marble basement. The Archaeological Survey of India is keeping discretely, politely and diplomatically silent about it to the point of dereliction of its own duty to probe into hidden historical evidence.

14.In India there are 12 Jyotirlingas i.e., the outstanding Shiva Temples. The Tejomahalaya alias The Tajmahal appears to be one of them known as Nagnatheshwar since its parapet is girdled with Naga, i.e., Cobra figures. Ever since Shahjahan’s capture of it the sacred temple has lost its Hindudom.

15.The famous Hindu treatise on architecture titled Vishwakarma Vastushastra mentions the ‘Tej-Linga’ amongst the Shivalingas i.e., the stone emblems of Lord Shiva, the Hindu deity. Such a Tej Linga was consecrated in the Taj Mahal, hence the term Taj Mahal alias Tejo Mahalaya.

16.Agra city, in which the Taj Mahal is located, is an ancient centre of Shiva worship. Its orthodox residents have through ages continued the tradition of worshipping at five Shiva shrines before taking the last meal every night especially during the month of Shravan. During the last few centuries the residents of Agra had to be content with worshipping at only four prominent Shiva temples viz., Balkeshwar, Prithvinath, Manakameshwar and Rajarajeshwar. They had lost track of the fifth Shiva deity which their forefathers worshipped. Apparently the fifth was Agreshwar Mahadev Nagnatheshwar i.e., The Lord Great God of Agra, The Deity of the King of Cobras, consecrated in the Tejomahalay alias Tajmahal.

17.The people who dominate the Agra region are Jats. Their name of Shiva is Tejaji. The Jat special issue of The Illustrated Weekly of India (June 28,1971) mentions that the Jats have the Teja Mandirs i.e., Teja Temples. This is because Teja-Linga is among the several names of the Shiva Lingas. From this it is apparent that the Taj-Mahal is Tejo-Mahalaya, The Great Abode of Tej.


18. Shahjahan’s own court chronicle, the Badshahnama, admits (page 403, vol 1) that a grand mansion of unique splendor, capped with a dome (Imaarat-a-Alishan wa Gumbaze) was taken from the Jaipur Maharaja Jaisigh for Mumtaz’s burial, and the building was known as Raja Mansingh’s palace.

19. The plaque put the archealogy department outside the Tajmahal describes the edifice as a mausoleum built by Shahjahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal , over 22 years from 1631 to 1653. That plaque is a specimen of historical bungling. Firstly, the plaque sites no authority for its claim. Secondly the lady’s name was Mumtaz-ulZamani and not Mumtazmahal. Thirdly, the period of 22 years is taken from some mumbo jumbo noting by an unreliable French visitor Tavernier, to the exclusion of all muslim versions, which is an absurdity.

20. Prince Aurangzeb’s letter to his father,emperor Shahjahan,is recorded in atleast three chronicles titled `Aadaab-e-Alamgiri’, `Yadgarnama’, and the `Muruqqa-i-Akbarabadi’ (edited by Said Ahmed, Agra, 1931, page 43, footnote 2). In that letter Aurangzeb records in 1652 A.D itself that the several buildings in the fancied burial place of Mumtaz were seven storeyed and were so old that they were all leaking, while the dome had developed a crack on the northern side.Aurangzeb, therefore, ordered immediate repairs to the buildings at his own expense while recommending to the..

Dinesh Rawat Bids Farewell to Green Mall…

…to take up his next mission“Glories of India”
Today issues of global warming and climate change have emerged as the most challenging and deadly threat to our planet. This situation is so alarming that not only animals but even human beings can become extinct. Various urgent efforts are being made throughout the world only now to combat global warming and climate change. But a visionary in Dinesh Rawat saw – what is coming up as consequences of global warming thirteen years back. Though he was lone man, armed with his tenacity and determination, he decided to take positive steps and to become a part of the solution rather than a mute spectator..
When rural India was began changing from farmland into city-life, Dinesh Rawat moved from the city of Kolkata to a village called Samukpota in the year 2001 and started living in harmony with nature. His mission was to inspire everyone to realise and respect nature and to lead a value based life.
Many scientists, researchers, and organisations are analysing reasons and consequences of global warming. Countless discussions & summits are taking place at highest levels. An abundance of films and documentaries are made, and many lectures are delivered at various levels at various platforms. Dinesh Rawat felt that all these responses to climate change are of no use unless positive steps are taken at ground zero. Our so called intelligent civilization has almost come to the point of no return. Knowing very well “what is desirable” we are moving towards “undesirables”. We are getting more and more urbanized with multi-storied buildings that use more and more energy to sustain themselves. We are making wider roads and rolling new automobiles knowing very well about dangers of CO2 emission. We are doing further industrialisation in the name of consumerism. We are doing deforestation every day and creating bigger airports and bigger aircrafts, more power plants and creating more and more garbage every day. Don’t we know that we are moving towards destruction in the name of development? Dinesh Rawat saw all this and wondered why people can’t see what’s coming…
Dinesh Rawat’s philosophy was this. According to him root cause of our problem is a lack of spiritual knowledge which has made men materialistic and they are indulged into consumerism. Everyone now believes that success means more money and more buying power!
In his late forties, Rawat decided to dedicate his life to a meaningful cause and gave up the lucrative business of international trading. One by one he closed his business in Singapore, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and a Government of India recognised Export House in Kolkata. He started a Brahmakumaris Spiritual Center to spread spiritual knowledge free, which has inspired many to lead a value based spiritual life.

Since then he has been moving forward alone, practicing spiritualism and inspiring people to live in harmony with nature. He has received no support from any individual, organisation or Government. On the other hand he extended his hands to Indian Botanical Survey and made an MOU in the year 2006 to rejuvenate their Palm collection. Indian Botanical Garden Howrah was in a bad shape, but he introduced many palms to this garden and also organised to pollinate Lodoicea maldivica, a valuable and lone 125 years old palm in India. As of today, the palm is now bearing seeds!
Since he is born and brought up in Kolkata, he desired to see Kolkata as the most beautiful green city and to be a role model for other cities of India. He did an indepth study on urban forestry and submitted an extensive proposal to the Mayor of Kolkata in 2007.

He surveyed and discovered that the people of Bengal are nature lovers and love to keep their surroundings green, but due to non-availability of suitable plants, gardening items, and technical help they don’t have the tools needed to help foster and care for the nature around them. Dinesh, therefore, decided to use up all his resources and create a Green Mall in the year 2007. This unique concept provides everything for gardening, landscaping, and forestry, and it is available in one campus. A rare collection of 2500 varieties of plants including 250 types of palms make this mall the largest in India.
He authored a user friendly book “Palms for India” in the year 2008, a very simple hand book which benefited many nurseries and landscapers across India.
In 2008, He submitted a plan to the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh under the style of “Let’s Make India Green”. Had this plan been adopted, today rural India would have be very prosperous.
For the first time in the world, two albums of highly inspiring songs on Global Warming and Nature worship were produced in the year 2010 by the title “Prakriti Ki Pukar” & “Prakriti Vandana”. It has been distributed free across India.

In 2011 he created a non-profit organisation Prakriti Bandhu, a forum on internet where people swear to live in harmony with nature and to inspire others to do so. Thousands became members and are receiving regular newsletters.

To help common people to go green, a hand book was authored by him in 2012. The book “Green Your Surroundings” provides all the necessary information to city dwellers by which they can make and maintain their home gardens with ease.
In 2013 he launched a programme “Grow Trees” under which one million trees were planted in the villages of South 24 Paraganas.
He also created a plan of a Horticulture Hub near Kolkata and submitted to the Government of West Bengal. This plan can bring economic prosperity to entire West Bengal.
After changing directions of his life, after sacrificing his luxurious life style and lucrative business, he came across many hardships and hurdles, but he continued his journey with help, on his mission to  “inspire people to lead a valued based life in harmony with nature”. He does not only talk about changing lifestyles for the betterment of the human race; he has become a role model for how to live a greener lifestyle in harmony with nature.
His philosophy is “All human beings are members of my family. My family is not confined to boundaries created by human beings.”
Rawat continues to grow, change, and pioneer new ways to inspire others to live a healthy, green lifestyle. He feels it’s now time to move on… beyond Kolkata, West Bengal and India. His next mission is writing a revolutionary and sensational book “Glories of India”, based on his research of 25 years  in the true history of India & Mankind. Let the world know about true history of human race!!

We do not know more than 5% of True Past Glories of India

An average Indian thinks that “India is a great nation which has given religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism to the world. India has given Mathematics, Astronomy etc. etc. Indians are holding key positions in the world… these facts are just a tip of the ice berg. Contribution of India in the culture and civilization of the world is not known more than five percent. Take a small example that Christianity is the largest religion in the world, Jesus Christ is the most revered and popular character in the world, but it is not known to many that Jesus did all his education in India between 13 to 29 years of age. He preached only for three years in west. After crucifixion he did not die and came back to India. He died in Kashmir at the age of 120. His tomb is there at Sri Nagar, Khanyar, Rozabal area.

Abraham went to west from India, Moses is buried in Kashmir. All the world religions and cultures have their roots in Vedic culture which is practiced in India till to-day. Sanskrit is Mother of all languages in the world. It is purely a Vedic language and it is wrongly publicized that it is an Indo-European language.

There are hundreds of gross facts like above which have been concealed, mutilated and fabricated primarily to put a curtain to hide the true source of civilization, culture, languages, sciences and philosophies which originated from Great India.

It’s time that you should at least know the truth in your life time.


It’s Time for you to know the reasons for the falsification of history.

History is important. It does not only speak of past but it makes foundation for our future.

It is a matter of real disbelief that billions of people in this world have known the false and fabricated history for at least two centuries. True history of human civilization and source of all the cultures in the world has been concealed and put behind a thick curtain. Whatever history is being taught all over the world is false and based on false premise.

The question on true history of civilization arose in my mind about 28 years back, I had joined Brahma Kumaris to learn meditation and spiritual wisdom. The foundation of their knowledge is that we humans were highly civilized 5000 years back and now we are uncivilized. I found this philosophy difficult to accept. Like many, I was also taught that man and his civilization has evolved through millions of years, we have developed from apes, monkeys and animal like living to our present so called advanced society.

Since then I started examining their theory vis-a-vis the theory of evolution of world culture and civilization. In my search for truth I studied hundreds of books, articles and blogs. I met several historians and visited several historical sites in India and abroad. More deeper I went, I was getting more and more astounding results… and still a long way to go!

I would like to share thousands of stories  with you which will give you startling facts. I really don’t understand where to begin and what should be the sequence. So it is best that I share in small bits as and when it comes to my mind.

An average Indian thinks that “India is a great nation which has given religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism to the world. India has given Mathematics, Astronomy etc. etc. Indians are holding key positions in the world… these are just tip of the ice berg. Contribution of India in the culture and civilization of the world is not known more than five percent. Take a small example that  Christianity is the largest religion in the world, Jesus Christ is the most revered and popular character in the world, but it is not known to many that Jesus did all his education in India between 13 to 29 years of age. He preached only for three years in west. After crucifixion he did not die and came back to India. He died in Kashmir at the age of 120. His tomb is there at Sri Nagar, Khanyar, Rozabal area.

Abraham went to west from India, Moses is buried in Kashmir. All the world religions and cultures have their roots in Vedic culture which is practiced in India till to-day. Sanskrit is Mother of all languages in the world. It is purely a Vedic language and it is wrongly publicized that it is an Indo-European language.

Rediscovering the true history is a big task and it is not at all possible for an individual like me to do justice. An all out effort is required from all sensible citizens and Government in particular.

I have written a letter to this effect to our beloved Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi and also to Smt Smriti Z. Irani, the minister for Human Resource Development. I am confident that this nationalist Government will give due importance to this matter.

I seek your support in this National mission in whatever manner you can. Let’s make it a Movement and share it through Facebook and Twitter. Ensure that you circulate it wherever you CAN.

I shall be glad to share more with you and look forward to your support. Please let me know about your support which will ignite more fire within me.

Why do we Speak English with fellow Indians? Learn from Modi!

Let’s Learn from Narendra Modi !

Why do we speak in English with Fellow Indians.

First of all I must confess that I can not type Hindi (Like Millions of Hindi speakers in India) and I feel ashamed to write this post in English any way I assure you that soon I will learn to type Hindi because time has now come that English will get its right place.
All my acquaintances know that I do not speak in English with an Indian unless he does not understand Hindi or Bengali.

English has been very cunningly & forcibly imposed on us by Britishers. All of us know this fact, so why are we unable to do away with this funny and difficult language at least in our conversation.

 If spoken English is  simpler than Indian languages, we can consider to accept it. But it is a very difficult language having more exception than rules. Rules and usage are phonetically quite complicated. In Hindi there are 55 alphabets but poor English has to manage all the sounds with only 26 letters. One has to practically learn and remember sound and spelling of each and every word. But in Hindi it is simple. You pronounce as you write and writing also has no tricks like English, no silent letters etc.I don’t see why we should converse in English, may be some  think it is a superior language and want to show others that they are superior class of people.

Let all the sensible Indians make a pledge that we shall converse between us in Hindi or other Indian languages. All of our languages are much richer and expressive than English. We should give up our tendency to use English when we go to airport and fly, when we go to a posh restaurant and talk to waiters or when we speak to a telephone operator or tele-callers.

We must bring about change and break away with a language which reminds us of our slavery. WE CAN – WE WILL DO IT


Please keep on forwarding this message till BJP Government takes suitable action.

A controversy is going on for several years about our National Anthem “Jana gana mana”. Actually it seems undoubtedly that “Jana gan mana was written by Kaviguru Rabindra Nath Tagore in praise to King George V in 1911.

But it is natural for the people who have patronized this praised song since 1911,  to give justification for adopting it and to continue till date. They should not  say that they prefer to flatter the British and it is quite understandable that they would raise a controversy as a plea to  their defense.

Enough is enough. More than 64 years we have tolerated such insult to our Motherland India through a verse which pronounces highest degree of our slavery to the British rule.

To-day our poets would love to create a worthy national anthem for our great nation. Let’s have a nationwide competition and allow every citizen an opportunity to compose a verse. The best one should be selected by a committee appointed by the Government for the purpose.

Now, let’s go beyond the controversy and try to understand the inherent message. Please read it carefully and observe what comes to your mind. Simple knowledge of Hindi is sufficient  to decide whether the verse is referred (i) Praise to King George V (ii) Praise of God or (iii) Glory of India.

जन गण मन अधिनायक जय हे
भारत भाग्यविधाता
पंजाब सिन्धु गुजरात मराठा
द्राविड़ उत्कल बंगा
विन्ध्य हिमाचल यमुना गंगा
उच्छल जलधि तरंगा
तव शुभ नामे जागे
तव शुभ आशीष मागे
गाहे तव जयगाथा
जन गण मंगलदायक जय हे
भारत भाग्यविधाता
जय हे, जय हे, जय हे
जय जय जय जय हे!

Jana gana mana adhi naayaka jaya hai!
Bhaarat bhaagya vidhaata
Punjab Sindh Gujarat Maraatha,
Dravid Utkala Bangaa.
Vindhya Himachala Yamuna Ganga,
Uchhala jaladhi taranga.
Tava shubh naame jaage,
Tava shubh aashish maage,
Gahe tava jaya-gaatha.

Jana-gana-mangaladayaka jaya hai!
Bharat bhagya vidhata.
Jaya hai! Jaya hai! Jaya hai!
Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya hai!

The following translation (edited in 1950 to replace Sindh with Sindhu as Sindh after partition was allocated to Pakistan), attributed to Tagore, is provided by the Government of India’s national portal:[9]

Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people,
Dispenser of India’s destiny.
Thy name rouses the hearts of PunjabSindhuGujarat andMaratha,
Of the DravidaUtkala and Bengal;
It echoes in the hills of the Vindhyas and Himalayas,
mingles in the music of Yamuna and Ganga and is
chanted by the waves of the Indian Ocean.
They pray for thy blessings and sing thy praise.
The saving of all people waits in thy hand,
Thou dispenser of India’s destiny.
Victory, victory, victory to thee.

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