India was invaded by foreigners at different times in past, repeatedly. Thereby all glorious history, culture and heritage of India got distorted time and again by such invasion. ‘Qutbminar’ which had been named after sultan Qutubuddin Ibec was claimed to be on 1232  in Mehruli near Delhi as prehistorical data available post independent Indian history. It may be mentioned that India was also invaded in 1206 by Sultan Qutubuddin who established Slave dynasty in India and set up Qutb Minar.

It is equally interesting to note that in Arabic term Qutb Minar stands for astromical tower. It has been established beyond doubt that there had been an imperical study centre of astronomy located at ‘Mihirawali’ in ancient India during the golden age of the Guptas  [literary renaissana (380-413AD)] when Chandragupta ll Vikramaditya was in throne and Barahamihir astronomist along  with other eight gewels associated his court. After the name of Barahamihir the locality was known to be Mihirawali which has been subsequently renamed as Mlhruli where the ancient old astronomical tower and observatory pole was situated.

It is also noted that all the 27 pavilions dedicated to 27 constellation of the Zodiac got destroyed subsequetly the invaders during the invasion in 1206. From an inscription of the Sultan, It is learnt that he never raised any tower and the ravaged temple got re-named as Kuwat – ul – Islam Mosque.

Almost all the dislodged stones and bricks of the ancient tower bear the numerous Vedic images in one side while Arabic lettering on the other.Bits of inscription in sanskrit would still decipher upon those pillars Althrough disfingured there are some Vedic images still adorn the cornices. The bond of sculptured decorations on the wall and also on pillars bear so many signs of tampering beeing committed by the people interested after such invasion.

Again either side of the entrance of the tower also exhibits the flower lotus – an emblem of Vedic Hindu Culture. The entrance to the towers is facing North (very akin to Hindu Vedic Culture). All this amply established and ascertained the fact that this astronomical tower with all 27 pavilions was built long long earlier to invasion so made in 1206. Sir Sayyead Ahmed Khan a staunch critic, historian and scholar has also admitted these facts in truest spirit and right earnest.