That morning of December 2001 unlocked a new arena in my life! I was stranded at Chennai airport as I arrived five minutes late and missed my flight to Colombo. Next available flight was next evening – after thirty-six hours. I was terribly upset as I had many important assignments lined up for the next day. Helpless me, proceeded to retiring room at the airport, on the way saw a book with a queer title “JESUS LIVED IN INDIA” I had studied Bible and nowhere was any mention of Jesus, coming to India.

Sign Board at Jesus’s tomb at Sri Nagar

After associating with Brahmakumaris organization in 1988 many spiritual and religious revelations took place in my life which lead towards self-realization. But one of their concepts which mentions that world history is cyclic, and a cycle is of 5000 years, was beyond my comprehension, but then I was unable to reject the theory outright because all other knowledge and meditational practices are highly scientific and elevated. Being in undecided state, I started exploring scriptures of all religions and meeting several seniors of many faiths and religions in many countries. But instead of getting a proper answer, I was encountering more and more confusions and conflicting viewpoints.
At this stage, the contents of the book by Holger Kersten about Jesus’ life in India was extremely unbelievable in the first instance and perplexed me. I could not believe how such an important episode of the most popular person in the history could be shrouded by the biggest religion of the world. I communicated with the author in Germany and he informed me that there are many more articles and books by other authors on this topic and Jesus’ grave at Sri Nagar is an undeniable evidence.
My mind started wondering as to why Christianity has chosen to hide the fact that Jesus lived in India from the age of 13 to 30 for his studies at first instant. Second instant, after crucifixion, up to the age of 120 years. There should not have been any hesitation about 2000 years back as studying in India could not be a demeaning reason as India was the place of higher learning of Spiritualism, Dharma, Yoga, Religious and many sciences.
If such a massive cover up could be there for the person who is most popular human in the world and the religion which is biggest and most powerful in the world, then what should be the condition of other civilizations, religions and states. I was prompted to travel to many historical and archeological sites, met several senior historians in many countries.
After 25 years of profound research, in 2014 I decided to write a book “Glories of India”. It was a massive task and required at least two years of serious work. I took a total retirement from my business and environmental activities at Green Mall, Kolkata and moved to Brahmakumaris Village at Mount Abu. Circumstances compelled me to come back within a year and take up activities at Green Mall.
Thanks to my children, they have freed me from all responsibility of Green Mall. With the grace of God, I am resuming the project, initially by updating existing website and book and film projects will remain on the anvil.