Christianity is India’s Gift to the World!

Most of us know that India is the origin of religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Very few know that Christianity, too, originated from India. Christianity is the most prominent religion, established by Jesus Christ about nineteen centuries back. Today it is followed by the highest number of people in the world. For nearly 17 centuries, it has been practiced by millions and for so many generations. Just imagine what a big cover-up, for centuries fact has remained concealed. The name of Christianity has come from Krishna Neeti!

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Jesus Christ, who is the soul and hero of Christianity, lived a major portion of his life in India. He is born in Jerusalem.  Very little is known about his childhood. There is just a couple of mention about him at the age of thirteen. From the age of thirteen to thirty, his life is unknown to the world! Bible is also silent about these lost years of Jesus. He was in the west for three years and conducted his ministry. After that, he was crucified and is said to have been risen on the third day.

True History of India

The untold story is that he came to India at the age of thirteen. He traveled through the Silk Route, via Babylon, Persia, Kabul, Sindh, Punjab, Ujjain, Jagannath Puri, Kanyakumari, Sri Lanka, Kerala, Magadh, Benaras, Rajagrih, Nalanda, Kapilavastu, Tibet, and Laddakh. He learned about Vedas, Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Healing, Buddhism, and Jainism through sages and experts in ashrams and monasteries.

Grave of Jesus Christ, known as Isha Mashih, in the Khanyar area of Srinagar. His tomb is still in perfect condition and according to Jewish tradition.

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After completing his education, he went back to Jerusalem and conducted ministry for three years. Jesus was known as Isa, Yuj Asaf, Musa, and many other names. Christ has come from the Vedic deity Krishna. After that, he is crucified by authorities at the age of thirty-three, believed dead, and his body is handed over to his well-wishers. But he survived, on the third day he proceeded to India for the second part of his life in India. He was accompanied by his mother Mari and wife Magdalene. He lived in Kashmir till old age and died in Sri Nagar at the age of 120. His tomb is there in the Khanyar area of Sri Nagar. Its time that the world should know the truth about Jesus , and also the value of Vedic culture, which is full of knowledge and wisdom. It’s a matter of pride for Indians to be a part of such a great legacy.