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“Taking Forward Project” Glories of India

That morning of December 2001 unlocked a new arena in my life! I was stranded at Chennai airport as I arrived five minutes late and missed my flight to Colombo. Next available flight was next evening – after thirty-six hours. I was terribly upset as I had many important assignments lined up for the next day. Helpless me, proceeded to retiring room at the airport, on the way saw a book with a queer title “JESUS LIVED IN INDIA” I had studied Bible and nowhere was any mention of Jesus, coming to India.

Sign Board at Jesus’s tomb at Sri Nagar

After associating with Brahmakumaris organization in 1988 many spiritual and religious revelations took place in my life which lead towards self-realization. But one of their concepts which mentions that world history is cyclic, and a cycle is of 5000 years, was beyond my comprehension, but then I was unable to reject the theory outright because all other knowledge and meditational practices are highly scientific and elevated. Being in undecided state, I started exploring scriptures of all religions and meeting several seniors of many faiths and religions in many countries. But instead of getting a proper answer, I was encountering more and more confusions and conflicting viewpoints.
At this stage, the contents of the book by Holger Kersten about Jesus’ life in India was extremely unbelievable in the first instance and perplexed me. I could not believe how such an important episode of the most popular person in the history could be shrouded by the biggest religion of the world. I communicated with the author in Germany and he informed me that there are many more articles and books by other authors on this topic and Jesus’ grave at Sri Nagar is an undeniable evidence.
My mind started wondering as to why Christianity has chosen to hide the fact that Jesus lived in India from the age of 13 to 30 for his studies at first instant. Second instant, after crucifixion, up to the age of 120 years. There should not have been any hesitation about 2000 years back as studying in India could not be a demeaning reason as India was the place of higher learning of Spiritualism, Dharma, Yoga, Religious and many sciences.
If such a massive cover up could be there for the person who is most popular human in the world and the religion which is biggest and most powerful in the world, then what should be the condition of other civilizations, religions and states. I was prompted to travel to many historical and archeological sites, met several senior historians in many countries.
After 25 years of profound research, in 2014 I decided to write a book “Glories of India”. It was a massive task and required at least two years of serious work. I took a total retirement from my business and environmental activities at Green Mall, Kolkata and moved to Brahmakumaris Village at Mount Abu. Circumstances compelled me to come back within a year and take up activities at Green Mall.
Thanks to my children, they have freed me from all responsibility of Green Mall. With the grace of God, I am resuming the project, initially by updating existing website and book and film projects will remain on the anvil.


When I share about my discoveries about the true history of world civilization with my friends most of them get very excited about sensational and revealing facts and encourage me to finish my next book GLORIES OF INDIA as soon as possible. But some of them are not in favor of the book as they feel that this book cannot achieve anything as at this stage history cannot be altered around the world. Further for most of the people truth is what they have been taught through generations, they would not be happy see anything in contravention to that

I fully agree that it is almost an impossible task to change the chronology of history as it is taught to children around the world. If someone dares to try, a major controversy would erupt all around. So it is desirable that no massive changes should be attempted. However some small changes at ground levels can be considered which would not create any uproar.

But then people should not know the truth? Should they also pass away with the fabricated history of the world civilization? In my opinion at least open minded people should have privilege to know conceptually the truth. They must know when and under what circumstances deviations and fabrications had been done in history. History has been compiled under influence of rulers, leaders, invaders, religious groups and communities from time to time. So GLORIES OF INDIA will enlighten its readers and give them some striking ideas for thought and research.

Furthermore, I do not wish to write a treatise in the form of a history or a chronical, I am just going to share some cream of my 26 years of profound research work. During this period I have gone through hundreds of history books, scriptures, have had interactions with several historians and archeologists, travelled to many historical monuments and available historical sites. I firmly believe there is no reason for eruption of any controversies as I am not against any religion, nation or any group. I have deep respect for all the faith and religion. I have always seen the entire world as one family. “My family is not confined to boundaries created by human beings”.

I am born and brought up in a conservative Hindu family with Hindu beliefs which were introduced into my mind when I was a child with a tender mind. This is the way all children are brought up individually in the world and they are installed with the beliefs of their respective religions. But in my case as I grew up I started applying my logical mind and exploring the genuineness of what had been installed into my mind. My big question is if what has been taught to me is correct then why there are so many other believes prevail in the world. For an example, how can it be possible that there is rebirth for one group of people and for other group there is no rebirth? Even if I accept it for once, then question lies if one changes his religion will his rebirth cease or begin? These sort of several fundamental questions made me not to continue with the beliefs which were installed into my mind and my journey of quest begins. I met several wise people from Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jain, Judaism, Bahai and other faiths with a total positive and affirmative mind. I ensured that my mind is absolutely unbiased and unprejudiced. But surprisingly no one had convincing explanations. Whenever I asked basic questions from them, they fumbled and said this is what they have been told by their ancestors. My mind has always been quite open and I have even married a lady of different religion and even from a different country. My beloved sweetheart wife Maya is from Sri Lanka and practicing Buddhism

Since I am a spiritual practitioner, for me all colors are same, every cell in me loves every cell of the universe. I firmly believe that the book GLORIES OF INDIA is a call of time, it’s a call from the divine. People should know the truth. Definitely this book would enlighten many to understand that we have become uncivilized from civilized. Whereas our belief is that we have evolved from cells, monkeys, apes and are highly civilized clan today. Interested people should have an opportunity to know the essence of truthful submission from an unbiased author.


Dear Fellow Indians:

23rd May 2019 is a day of great satisfaction to me as BJP government came back in power with full majority. I have spent 30 years of my life in researching and investigating the true history of India which is the cradle of all human civilizations in the world. For the last 2000 years, the glorious past of India started getting veiled for various reasons in history books.

The situation became worse for the last 1000 years as foreign invaders, rulers, groups, and governments brought Indian history totally helpless and pathetic state.

The situation was very painful to my heart but there was nothing much I could have done as the country was ruled by Congress Party and they were meticulously carrying on western and particularly British agenda in many ways.

I was very happy on 26th May 2014 when Sri Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Prime Minister. I wrote a letter to him. (Click here to see the letter).

During the campaign of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections , after seeing the propaganda of opposition, I was wondering whether people would believe those who want to ruin the basic fabric of Indian culture. That would push India back to the days of the pathetic state of History.

My sincere thanks and appreciations to my fellow citizens who have shown that for us it is Country First. They have shown a mirror to those parties who have been criticizing a good government just for their benefit and survival.

To-day lets pledge that we shall always put Nation First and strengthen hands of Sri Narendra Modi and his team in their efforts to re-make India as the No 1 country in the world.

Why Jesus’s life in India has been kept as a secret.

Thirty years of exploration and investigation revealed to me several astonishing facts about our so-called history of the world and its civilizations. I am very keen to share every unknown and secret portion of my findings in a lucid manner in my forthcoming book “Glories of India” Keep following me for more revelations.

Why long spells of Jesus’s life in India has been concealed even till now, despite compelling pieces of evidence?

For most people all around the world, it’s a startling story that Jesus Christ lived in India. People can’t believe that he lived for 120 years and out of this he lived in India for over 100 years. It may be unbelievable for you but it is true and there is enough evidence to prove this fact. Even church is not in a position to decline this fact so they do maintain silence about it.

But for me, this was not an amazing fact because it is quite obvious that during those “lost years” of Jesus where else he could have been? Where on the earth education and knowledge was available 2000 years back? Knowledge in all forms was available in India at that time. Vedic scriptures, 3500 old Harappan civilization, Yoga, Ayurveda etc. are just a few pieces of evidence. Takshshila University in North-Western part (now in Pakistan) existed 2700 years back. Standard of this university was so high that only one out of three aspirants could get admission. Every year 10000 students graduated from here. A faculty of 3000 teachers used to teach subjects like Spiritualism, Vedas, Philosophy, Astronomy, Astrology, Economics, Administration, Yoga and Ayurveda.

For me it was difficult to figure out as to why they had to hide the fact that Jesus lived in India? At that point of time, no one had any rivalry against India or its original culture, then why was there a need to conceal the fact that Jesus lived in India? It was this quest which set me into a history exploration mode thirty years back.

Thirty years of exploration and investigation revealed to me several astonishing facts about our so-called human history. I am very keen to share every unknown and secret portion of my findings in a lucid manner in my forthcoming book “Glories of India” Keep following me for more revelations.

Theory of Aryan invasion

Theory of Aryan invasion or migration from west to India is none but a white lie. This story was invented by the British Rulers in 19th Century to convey the message that even the Aryans were migrants to India just as Muslims and Christians .

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