Dinesh does not like to be confined to boundaries created by human beings. Born in a conventional Hindu family of Kolkata in 1953, as he grew up, he was unable to align himself to several Hindu customs, rituals and practices prevalent in the society. He thought that other religions like Christianity, Islam and Buddhism etc. are newer and they should be more rational. But he found a lot of flaws in them too. He could never reconcile as to how theory of incarnation or rebirth could be different for human beings. He became equidistant to all religions but never gave up his quest for some sensible answers.

At the age of 28 he got married to his Sri Lankan Pen-friend Ayoma who is still practicing Buddhism. Since he was in the business of International trading of commodities, he got opportunity to travel to over sixty countries. He used his travel opportunity to visit important monuments, ruins, stupas, gumpahs, temples, churches, mosques, libraries and museums, besides meeting several historians and religious thinkers and leaders. He has been highly enthusiastic about his own research and outcome of twenty five years. Considering magnitude of the prospective project he decided to relinquish himself from all his business and environmental activities in March 2014 and dedicated every minute of his time for further research and to let the world know about the glorious history of the world.

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