A Most Revealing Sensational Book

“Glories of India” An exciting and sensational book written in simple English will be soon in your hands. This book will reveal hundreds of concealed and unknown facts about history which is of concern for all enlightened citizens of this world. It is a  mammoth task of research from the beginning of humanity till date, it will take some time. Author has been working on this subject matter for 25 years. The book is in the process of compilation and it should be ready towards later part of 2015

You Must Know the Truth

It is unfortunate not only for the people of India, but for the people of the world that they have been deprived of the true history. Not knowing the truth is however could be acceptable but getting to know which is untrue and fabricated. It is a  crime to thefreedom of our mind and intellect. Assassinations of history have been carried on for last 2500 years by rulers, groups and sycophants. Everyone with intellect and aptitude of fulfilment of the life must know the truth.

Why You Should Know the Truth

You are a human with wisdom. You have not come to this earth just to earn livelihood and to look after mortal body of yourself and your near and dear ones. You have an intellect which must have true knowledge of your evolution, civilization and your true self in order to lead a fulfilled life.

About the Author

Dinesh Rawat has been researching on the history of the evolution, civilization, religions and India for last 25 years. In the process he has studied more than 25000 pages of information  and discovered that most of them are of course nothing but fabrication. He has travelled to over 60 countries, met several historians and visited several historical monuments. He has given up his multinational trading business, his mammoth environmental activities and family life to bring out this revealing and sensational book.


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“Glories of India” is expected to be in the market later part of 2015, you might have some idea or suggestions, please be kind enough to send a mail to Dinesh Rawat