Baseless Theories of Evolution

Darwinian theory of evolution and theory of Big Bang are not only wild imagination but  fraudulent thesis to draw  thick curtain  concealing the true glories of India.


Excerpts from the letter to Modi after swearing in as PM

Our Beloved & Respected Sri Narendra Bhai Modi Ji: Million times Greetings and Congratulations. “IT IS ONLY AN ACT OF GOD THAT INDIA’S HISTORY HAS SELECTED YOU AS A ERA CHANGER YUG PURUSH” .For last 2000 years history of India has been suffering, and for last 900 years things have […]


We do not know more than 5% of True Past Glories of India

An average Indian thinks that “India is a great nation which has given religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism to the world. India has given Mathematics, Astronomy etc. etc. Indians are holding key positions in the world… these facts are just a tip of the ice berg. Contribution of […]


Jesus Lived in India and Died in Kashmir at the Age of 120.

Jesus came to India when he was only thirteen, acquired knowledge of Vedas, Yoga, Buddhism and spiritualism. After a year he went to West. At the age of 18 he was crucified but he did not succumb and again he came back to India and died ultimately at the age of 120. […]


Qutub Minar

India was invaded by foreigners at different times in past, repeatedly. Thereby all glorious history, culture and heritage of India got distorted time and again by such invasion. ‘Qutbminar’ which had been named after sultan Qutubuddin Ibec was claimed to be on 1232  in Mehruli near Delhi as prehistorical data available […]


Hindu Monuments Grabbed and Labelled as Islamic Constructions.

All Mughal monuments situated  around Delhi, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri and Luckhnow like Humayun’s Tomb, Akbari-Mahal, Jahangiri Mahal and  Moti Majid of Agra Fort and Janis Masjid of Fatehpur Sikri and  Akbari-Tomb (Sikandra, Agra) are originally build by Hindu Kings much before Muslims invaded India


Sanskrit – First Script and Mother of all Languages

Sanskrit is the first script and mother of all languages in the world. We can find roots of  Sanskrit in all the languages of the world. Theory of some lost Indo-European language is a myth and false propaganda.


Tajmahal – A Hindu Temple built for Raja Paramardi Dev

Taj Mahal  was a  Shiva temple under Raja Paramardi Dev of Jaipur. Shah Jahan grabbed it from his grandson Raja Jai Singh. He plundered all precious diamonds and gold and used this great mansion as mausoleum.             The Tajmahal is Tejomahalay A Hindu Temple By P.N.Oak […]


Theory of Aryan invasion

Theory of Aryan invasion or migration from west to India is none but a white lie. This story was invented by the British Rulers in 19th Century to convey the message that even the Aryans were migrants to India just as Muslims and Christians .


Vedic Civilization is the Root of all Civilizations

Vedic civilization is the mother of all civilizations and cultures of the world. The links between the vedic and other ancient cultures, such as Sumerians, Persians,Egyptians, Romans etc. are visible clearly. Judaism, Christianity,  Jainism, Buddhism Islam and Sikhism  are all the off springs of  the vedic tradition and still contain […]

The Book


GLORIES OF INDIA is a historical thriller composed in very lucid and simple language to help open minded people get an opportunity to know the truth. Title of the book may sound a story related only to India, but in fact  it is a story of world civilization. The story begins when there were no countries like to-day. There was only one continent with one language and one civilization. It is really pathetic that even to-day most civilized people are in dark about the roots of their civilization. Many half true, fabricated and distorted stories have been administered in history from time to time. In this process we all are deprived to learn about the history of human civilization. Our minds have been cluttered with several theories of evolution which are just wild imaginations and  fraudulent. This book tells about the compulsions and circumstances which impelled such distortion at various time periods.

Dinesh Rawat, determined to discover the truth, he traversed in numerous labyrinths of beliefs, theories and contradictions for more than quarter of a century. He discovered that the simplest matter has been made so complicated that no one could get to the bottom line. Most perplexing question is as to why the people had to conceal the truth for last 2500 years? This book carries the essence of all discovery of truth so far remaining hidden to the mankind and also the manner and circumstances of these concealment.

No one has time and patience to go through the arguments and theories which will run in volumes. This book is being written in lucid manner illustrating the research findings and experiences gathered by the author. Object of this book is to make you a wiser person who has understood the truth.


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  1. Neha jain

    Yes , most of us are not aware of truth about Indian History. So please go ahead and publish Glory of India. It may cause of some controversy later on. But Truth has to come out.

    All the best

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